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A simple bandwidth test based on HTTP, AJAX and jQuery

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Recently I had the opportunity to work with my friend Micael on a HTTP broadband testing application. This test will be used as a zero-touch diagnose tool to identify network related issues between users and a video conference system server.

The test was produced for the non-profit organization Infinite Family which involves users located both in the USA and South Africa. The video conference system is located in South Africa and the internet connection to South Africa is provided by a satellite link. Only the hop over the satellite link adds a few hundred milliseconds in response time (ICMP Ping), so it can be really poor conditions for a video link!

The test has equal capabilities as many of the other tests out there. What it does is that it tries to calculate a response time, which of course is not ICMP Ping as one might think, the test only does HTTP and AJAX. Instead, the test uses a HTTP HEAD request to get somewhat a measurement of how long it takes to establish a TCP session and send some data over port 80.
The test does not only measure the response time, it also measure upload and download speeds. For these kind of tests a lot more data is sent back and forth to the HTTP server using (AJAX) HTTP requests.

The whole test consists of one HTML page with references to jQuery and jQuery UI.
This test was the first project in which I could try out jQuery for real. I had some hard time get it working properly on my PCs and the kids’ Mac, but now it works in IE, Opera, Firefox and Safari on both Mac OS and Windows.
I must say I really like working with jQuery. To me it’s somewhat aligned with the way I use LINQ and extension methods when coding in C#, so it was a piece of cake start coding with this neat Javascript library.
The progress bar used in the test is a pretty simple thing to do with a few DIV elements and a bit of CSS. That was the approach I used in an early version, but I decided to try out jQuery UI as soon as I jumped on the jQuery track.

You can find the test right here.


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March 24, 2009 at 22:12

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