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Swedish Alt.Net UG Coding Dojo at Avega, Stockholm

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Yesterday I was at my very first Coding Dojo with my fellow collegues Morten and Sebastian. I was somewhat nervous before this event. Coding in group is not an every day occasion for me :). But it went very well and I can only concur on what Morten blogged about.

Adding to that I must say it were so popular that we needed to split up into two conference rooms. Each room was equipped with a projector, a decent table with room enough for about 15 people.
However, even though we split up into two teams (that focused on the same Kata, see link in Morten’s post), we were just too many people around the table. I’m not sure about the exact head count but I guess we ended up with about 9 or 10 people. The most disappointing thing was that one guy was “rolling his own private solution” on his machine during the session. No hard feelings though; I believe this is a sign that we had too many participants in each group.
Worth to say is that each rotation was time limited to 4 minutes with a break of 15 seconds. That means each 4 minutes you rotate around the table and the next person takes the keyboard and continues where the last person left off. The person to the left of the person at the keyboard is the navigator in the pair.
Really nice experience and very nice and bright people in the user group! Thanks Avega (especially Joakim Sundén and his collegues) for hosting the meeting at their office here in Stockholm.
Today I couldn’t resist thinking of how we could do this internally at work (we’re 6 persons writing code at RemoteX so it seems to be just too perfect). Oh, so much cool code to write, so little time. 🙂

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November 11, 2009 at 23:01

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