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CodeSaga – The version control repository story teller

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Just installed CodeSaga on our internal TFS server and I must say I’m impressed!
For a long time I wanted an application like FishEye for our TFS source code repository, but unfortunately, FishEye only works with Perforce, CVS and Subversion…

CodeSaga was quite easy to set up, even though an MSI package would have been nice.
But I guess that is something Torkel might be working on in a near future.
One feature CodeSaga doesn’t have yet is the charts of FishEye. But there is a tab already for it in the application, but the page behind it only displays this message:

“Interactive Silverlight charts coming soon to a theather near you!”

Very nice! I’m looking forward to get them into our installation.. 🙂

Torkel Ödegaard is a consultant at Avega and as far as I understand he created this application as a demo/sample application that shows what you can do with ASP.Net MVC. The application also utilizes some of the nice frameworks I also like very much (Castle Windsor, Rhino Tools) and Boo.

I will definitely look into the code when I get some time for it.
But hey, good for me: I will attend to a talk next tuesday where Torkel is going to speak about ASP.Net MVC. I guess I will ask one or two questions about CodeSaga 🙂

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May 7, 2009 at 20:14

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